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Boulder Heritage Route - Kleinzee

A comfortable, self guided, 4km walk meandering around and through the town and which, with the assistance of a booklet, offers the tourist a glimpse into the history of early mining methods and life in town since it's inception.

Cost: Minimal fee for booklet

This  “Boulder Heritage Route” walk  includes the original bedrock sites from the early 1920’s.  The First Heritage stone with its “Pick/shovel painted in red, start at the Admin building Centenary drive/Checkpoint drive No 2 at the top end of town on route R355 were mined out diamond plants are visible from the 1920 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 still to research Boulder no: 11/12 in 3rd street & 1st avenue Boulder no: 13 in front KleinZee guesthouse no:3/!st Avenue The last huge boulder stands proudly outside the museum in 3rd Street & 3rd Avenue