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Flower Power!

A spectacular explosion of color!
A spectaculer explosion of colour!
  Namaqualand is a world of wonder. It is a spectacular explosion of colour every year.   Butterflies hover, birds dart and bees shimmy and dance over the springtime flowers of Namaqua. A multiplicity of colour weaves across the valley floor and spills over to the sandy coastline.   The flowers are at their best between 10:30 in the morning and 16:00 in the afternoon, so no need to hurry after breakfast. Please note that the flowers don’t open up when it is overcasted or raining. Try having the sun behind you when sightseeing as all the flowers will then be turned, facing you. For the best show – drive west in the morning, south during the day and east in the afternoon.   Make sure to fill up at Garies or Springbok before going in the direction of Hondeklipbaai. There are no pumps in Hondeklipbaai, and the petrol pumps in Koingnaas are only available at certain times, and sometimes run dry. Also make  sure to always have enough cash on you as many places don’t take cards, or there are no cash available when trying to withdraw money – if you manage to find a scarce ATM...