Diamonds 'n Daisies

Accommodation in the gem of the Northern Cape

Kleinzee Self Catering Holiday Home

Your comfort zone, away from home




Here can you experience peace and tranquillity like nowhere else, where the air is crisp and clean and you can smell the ocean and hear the waves crashing on the shore. Come and experience the quiet, relaxed atmosphere in Hondeklipbaai on route to Koiinaas, Kleinzee and Springbok.

Enjoy a seafood bunnychou at one of the small restaurants on the beach of Hondeklipbaai, while watching the fishermen busy with their daily duties.

In the evenings you can braai a fish bought from the fishermen at the harbour or if you have the necessary licenses and keep to the restrictions, you can collect your own seafood to prepare at home.

Everyone is welcome and free to stroll along the unspoiled shoreline, enjoy the marine life in the rock pools and wander through the village or visit the local artists.

Kick off your shoes, put the cellphones away and breathe in the crisp clean air from the sea. Take long walks on the beach and just enjoy your own company.

Remember to visit the Aristea ship wreck!

Spitfire Rock is an excellent location to take interesting photographs. Spectacular “spits” and sprays can be seen as the sea blasts against this rock.There is NO fuel available in Hondeklip Bay.

Fuel: Please re-fuel before you leave the N7. The nearest fuel available is in Koingnaas - about 25 km from Hondeklip Bay but they have limited opening hours