Diamonds 'n Daisies

Accommodation in the gem of the Northern Cape

Kleinzee Self Catering Holiday Home

Your comfort zone, away from home


Dance with the Daisies in the early spring. Fall into step on the Nama Riel. Drink in the magic of the Northern Cape
Northern Cape’s sheer size, clear skies, flamboyant sunsets, brilliant starry nights and incredible silence is intoxicating
This is the kind of place you want to take in slowly
Not available:  Kleinzee is not exactly your standard 1 horse town (nope, I don't think there is even 1 horse), but the following you won't find there:
Fancy shopping malls, Woolworths, Clicks, Checkers, Pick 'n Pay, No Banks.
Available:  Please ask local people if you need anything. They are very helpfull. Kleinzee offers you the following: 
Tasty breads, pies, confectonery, etc, daily available at bakery - in mall
Medical rescue on call - in mall
A great  variaty new shops opening in mall soon
Contact Rodvillle Adams, the best tourguide on the Coast Of Diamonds. Namaqua Coastal Expeditions. See our  "Expiditions"  menu on this website
Speedpoints: Available at Kleinzee Post Office, Bottle store & Golf club     (open during trading hours)
Keinzee cafe: Basically stocked shop/cafe
Nama Chick: For all your meat & chicken needs
Fuel stations: In both Kleinzee & Koingnaas. Operating on weekdays and Saturdays. Call out fee applicable after hours
Wadi purified water: Kobus Venter 082 3791169
EL'S : Arts & Crafts and .........everything you will love to take home for a souvenir or gift. Artist working from workshop within shop.
Crazy Crayfish Dinner: Offering food in a pleasant casual atmosphere.  Bar available. You will miss out if you don't try this one!
Golf Club: Restaurant & Bar
BuildIt Hardware: Visit Reggie for all your hardware needs. If he is out of stock, he will order it from Springbok 
Kleinzee Liquor Store: Need a cold beer?
Real Estate Agent: Paul 082 822 5978. Paul can help you to rent permanent accommodation, if you want to move to Kleinzee
Strong Police presence (to protect diamonds & lobster?)
Tours & Trails: Contact Rodville Adams Tel: 027 877 0028; Cell: 076 642 0868 
Kleinzee is a small diamond mining town on the West Coast of the Northern Province, that was owned by the de Beers Mining Company, who did not want visitors picking up diamonds from the beaches.
The real benefit of this beautiful area being restricted from Joe Public, is that the strandveld has remained pristine, with a rich biodiversity of miniature succulents, stem succulents, low leaf succulents and bulbs.
Kleinzee is a diamond in the rough. It has a virtually untouched shoreline. Come and explore the Namaqwaland during the flower season between September and October when winter rains transform the fairly barren landscape into a kaleidoscope of rich colour and beauty. Close to Hondeklipbaai, Port Nolloth, Koingnaas and Springbok -  Kleinzee offers a central location to explore this part of our beautiful country. The Namaqwaland Nature Reserve is also on our doorstep! There you can view local wildlife and experience Nama culture. The coastal area is protected, and the land is undergoing a full rehabilitation process after the mining operations seized a couple of years ago, to ensure that our future generations can also enjoy the tranquil environment that Kleinzee has to offer.