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Shipwreck 4 x 4 Trail

Shipwreck 4 x 4 route
Shipwreck 4x4 Trail
This is a one-way route along the Atlantic Coast between Koingnaas in the south and Kleinzee in the north. The Kleinzee Shipwreck Tour is a fantastic trek over the dunefields of the beach. Book the tour at the Kleinzee Tourism office right next door to the Kleinzee Museum, also worth a visit. The shipwreck tour has a 4x4 option of the 37km between Kleinzee and Koingnaas. The route is suitable for all-year driving; from the end of July to mid-September the flowers can be spectacular. The Shipwreck 4x4 Trail derived its name from, amongst others, the remaining wrecks of the Piratiny, Arosa and Border - which form the main attraction of this excursion. All three vessels ran aground in poor weather conditions and although no loss of life was suffered, the hostile and treacherous coastline did mean the demise of all three ships.  
Leliefontein to Kleinzee – the ‘shipwreck and daisies route’
Some little towns in the mountains appear out of thick mist, other long-forgotten seaports give up their shipwrecks, while in the flower season everything takes on bright colours – that’s the essence of this Namaqua back-roads route, with a surprise and a local delight around every corner. DID YOU KNOW? One of the prized sightings along the Kleinzee Shipwreck Trail is that of the oystercatcher bird. Just getting to the village of Leliefontein to begin your Shipwrecks and Daisies Route, which ends in Kleinzee, is an adventurous road trip in itself. This is the lesser-travelled part of the Northern Cape’s Namaqualand and you are in for a route full of surprises and delights.  
Aristea Shipwreck
This was an old trawler owned by I&J and served as a minesweeper during World War 2. It ran aground on the 4th of July 1945 just south of Hondeklip Bay due to mishandling by its Captain.
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