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Terms & Conditions


Terms & conditions

No keys for house will be handed to guests, unless the Guest Registration Form is fully completed

1.        Booking conditions

a)        Making a booking: In order to book accommodation, Diamonds ‘n Daisies requires a deposit of 50%. Should Diamons ‘n Daisies not receive the deposit over a period of seven working days from date of booking request, the reservation will be automatically released.

b)        Payment of balance: The remaing balance must reflect in our bank account, prior to arrival. Please note that cheque payments and cash payments on day of arrival are not permitted.

c)        No keys will be given out unless full payment has been made and guest check in form is fully completed.

d)        Cancellation by client: If the client wishes to cancel the booking, it must be done in writing and we will be entitled to retain the following percentage of the rental costs:

·          22 days before start of rental: Loss of deposit.

·          21 to 15 days before start of rental: 50% of total rental cost.

·          14 to 8 days before start of rental: 75% of total rental cost.

·          7 Days or less before start of rental: 100% of total rental cost.


2.        Conditions of residence:

a)        Guest registration form: The guest signing the guest registration form, warrants that he/she is duly authorized to sign for and bind all persons represented by him/her for whom he /she is responsible.

·          The signatory is over the age of 18 years of age and a member of the party intending to occupy the house.

·          He/she agrees to take responsibility for the persons occupying the house during the period of the booking.


b)        Arrival & departure times

·          Arrival: The house is available from 14:00 on the day of arrival.No keys will be given out before 14:00.

·          Departure:  Departure time is strictly 10am on the day of departure. Please keep in mind, we must get the house spic & span before new guests arrive!

·          Only one set of keys for the house and one tv remote will be provided to the guests.


c)        Damages/breakages and responsibilities

·          Please DO NOT tamper with the TV remote. ONLY use the “program up/down” and the “sound up/down” buttons.

·          Please do not tamper with the locked cubbord in dining room, as this is for owners private use.

·          Strictly no tents or caravans are permitted on property.

·          Not to smoke or allow smoking to occur within the house. Guests must disgard cigarette butts into a rubbish bag and then the rubbish bins.

·          All guests must conduct themselves in a proper manner so as not to cause a nuisance - including excessive noise or interference - with the use or enjoyment of             the property, to neighbouring properties. Unruly, loud or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. If complaints are received this may result in termination of                  the booking and loss of unused balance of accommodation.

·          The client is responsible to pay for the cost of any damage, breakages or loss to the property or to it’s contents. Diamonds ‘n Daisies reserves the right to                        recover any futher costs or charges for damage caused to the property and/or it’s contents - directly or indirectly caused by the guest or any other occupant or               any person invited on or into the property by the guest during the tenancy.

·          The property is furnished to the owners taste and style and we do not accept any responsibility for any unmet expectations of the guest in respect of the design,              quality or other aspects of the property. There are detailed photos of the house on our website.


d)        Faults/problems

·          Holiday home is privately owned and is rented on a fully self-contained basis. In the event of faults and/or malfunctions of appliances or inclusions, there is no               obligation from the owner to compensate for discount.

·          Diamonds ‘n Daisies will accept no resposibility for any inconvenience with machinery breakdown. The owners best endeavors to repair, replace or hire an                       alternative will be undertaken.

·          Should a tradesperson be sent out at a guests request to carry out a repair that was unnecessary, the cost of the call out will be at the guests expence.

·          Guests must inform us immediatly of any damage or breaking to the property and it’s contents.


e)        Cleaning services

·          As a self catering establishment, guests are responsible for keeping the house clean.

·          A clean set of linen will be provided for stays of 7 days or longer.

·          Cleaning services available at an additional cost of R 120.00 per morning/afternoon, but arrangements to be made in advance with Denise.


f)         Pets

·          No dangerous pets or a pet that is a threat to anyone, will be allowed.

·          When leaving premises with pet (to take doggy for a walk) dogs must be on a leash.

·          Pets not allowed on furniture.

·          Upon departure all pet droppings must be removed and disposed of properly.

·          Any damage as a result of your pet being on the property, will be for guests account.

·          Any pest control required as a result of a pet being inside and/or on the property, will be charged to the guests account.


g)        General conditions

·          Due to previous problems we need your information – as per guest form on arrival. (Name, adress, phone nrs, etc).

·          We do not pass the information to any other organization / third party unless required by law.

·          Guests attend this establishment at their own risk. Neither the owners nor their representatives or agents are liable for any injury or death of any person, nor for              the loss of or damage to any guests property on the premises - whether arising from fire, theft or any other cause - and by whom so ever caused. Or arising                  from the negligence or wrongfull act of any person. Whether or not such loss, damage, injury or death is as a result of the negligence of the owners and/or                    their representaves.

·          The guest hereby agrees on behalf of himself and the members of his party that this is the conditions of their stay at the residence Diamonds ‘n Daisies.